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Download A thousand splendid Suns Pdf/Audiobook if you wanna read the most amazing novel that takes you on to the road of feelings, emotions, love and hate. This book has a lot of inspiring storylines and makes you to feel the emotions of the different characters in the book.

If you wanna take a short break and literally searching for a novel then this novel will definitely spend your time in no time. When you start reading you will fall into the deep ocean of emotions, love and natural feel that you will never realize without reading this book.

Short Summary of this book:

When we start reading this book we feel that this book has something different, Me and my friend never cried at the time reading but when we start reading and reading some sad emotions will be generated for the lead woman character and we literally start crying at one time.

The story of the book starts with two Poor, uneducated leading characters Mariam and Laila. They are from Afghanistan. At this time in the Afghanistan war, terror is at an all-time high. Both the women will undergo physical abuse brutal beating, slapping, kicking etc. all the story of the book basically based on the life of women in Afghanistan pro-war area. There is no one safe, terrorists do many brutal things in the name of God. All the life of women is totally undergoing to the hell. There are no more peoples to save if some helps they will be fired down. You will feel the pain of those people with the help of this book and realizes how hard is life in these war-prone areas.

Description of the book:

Book NameA Thousand Splendid Suns
Author Khaled Hosseini
Publish Date1 June 2007
CharactersLaila, Mariam, Tariq, Rasheed,
AwardsBritish Book Award for Best read of the year 2008

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