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Hello, Movie lover’s your warm welcome for landing here. You are on the right flight to the Kuttymovies collection 2021 Tamil and Telugu and all other movies for download.

Friends as you probably a cinema lover just like us and always finds new Tamil, Telugu, Hindi or English movies for free download and wants a Kuttymovies collection for 2021 that you should download from the Internet.

All the movie lovers want to watch the movie in their mother tongue so they find out movies that should be dubbed in his language and their kuttymovies will come to serve your desire.

In this post, we will share all the latest Kuttymovies collection 2021 that available for free download in different qualities and in different sizes on kuttymovies website. At the end of the post, we will share some proxy domain that kuttymovies used to store their collection and you have to use those domains to land on kuttymovies site.

On this site you get all type of kuttymovies collection just like Hindi movie in Tamil dubbed, English movie in Tamil dubbed, Telugu movie Tamil dubbed etc.

What do you know about the Kuttymovies collection?

Kuttymovies is the most visited website for free movie download and this is totally dedicated to the Tamil movie section means you get all the Tamil movies and also all movies in the Tamil dubbed version. Kuttymovies has a large collection of All the movies in category wise folders. There is your wish which movie you would want to download.

Kuttymovies has a newly released collection as well as Old movies collection, you also have an option to request a movie for available for free download.

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2021 Tamil Kuttymovies collection that available for download:

Friends we will share the newly released Tamil Movies that are in the collection of Kuttymovies for free download.

  • 1. Sulthan
  • 2. Enaku Ishtam
  • 3. Anbirkiniyal
  • 4. Manja Satta Pacha Satta
  • 5. Calls
  • 6. Mirugaa
  • 7. Vinveli 900 Kmph
  • 8. Engada Irundeenga Ivvalavu Naala
  • 9. Kaadan
  • 10. Sema Thimiru
  • 11. Rowdy Police
  • 12. Anu and Arjun
  • 13. Thaen
  • 14. Parris Jeyraj
  • 15. Sangathalaivan

Some other movies that are in the 2021 collection of kuttymovies are as:

Care of Kadhaal, Boom Boom Kalai, Baby, Teddy, Trip, Dola, Aelay, Centha, Kutty story, Murder, Kabadadaari and so on.

These are some new movies are in the collection of kuttymovies in the 2021 category. If you want to download a new Tamil movie then you have to visit kuttymovies website.

Tamil Actors kuttymovies collection 2021:

Friends as you know, not all movies available on the internet or if available you can not find it on the internet for download. On the kuttymovies you have a dedicated page for Tamil actors kuttymovies movies collection and you will be visiting your favourite actor folder and find out all the collection of that actor in one place.

Some top rated actors Movies available on kuttymovies such as:

  • Surya
  • Madhavan
  • Ajith
  • Vijay
  • Jeeva
  • Vishal
  • Kamal Hasan
  • Rajinikanth
  • Arjun
  • Vikram

and many other actors kuttyMovies collection available for download.

Tamil Dubbed Kuttymovie Collection for 2021:

On kuttymovies site, you will get a large collection of Tamil dubbed Hollywood, Bollywood, Telugu movies for free download.

some newly released movies that are available for free download are:

  • Godzilla vs Kong
  • Spymate
  • Monster Hunter
  • The Hobbit an unexpected journey
  • Cosmic Sin
  • Shadow in the cloud
  • Rogue

These newly released collections available for free download. These are not all many other movies that are released in the past are also available in the Tamil dubbed format.

Kuttymovies Collection website:

Kuttymovies website is one of the top-visited sites on the internet for Tamil movie download. ON this site you have a lot of option to download the movie in the Tamil language such as various qualities(300MB, 3GP, Full HD, 480P, 720P, 1080P), Various Movies (Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood) are freely available.

For providing free copyright content this website got banned by the government for infringing copyright law.

But these websites are continuously running on the internet by changing their domain names.

If you are ready to download Kuttymovies collection 2021 then you have to use proxy domains.

Kuttymovies collection new domain names that used in 2021:

Some new domain names used by the kuttymovies site are as:


are commonly used domain names. Due to banned by the government the usage of these site comes under copyright law.

How does Kuttymovies get a large collection of Tamil Movies:

Kuttymovies work illegally they leaked every new movie after the 2 to 3 days of release. These movies are released in the theatres or on OTT platforms for getting success but kuttymovies type sites leaked the movies and do a huge loss to moviemakers the simple reason behind this is why anyone goes to theatres or on paid platforms when the same movie available for free download.

Due to this many movies will not make huge money when they leaked online and faces a huge loss.

All the movies released in cinemas are freely available on this site and makes a huge collection of Tamil Kuttymovies and provide their users a value of entertainment.

we take the example of the year 2021, Every Tamil, Hollywood, Telugu, Bollywood movie released in 2021 are leaked by this site and continuously increasing the collection of Kuttymovies.

Tamil dubbed Kuttymovies collection 2021 available for download:

Hey friends as you know not all the movies released are available in Tamil dubbed version but those movies who has the Tamil dubbed version that is available for free download on kuttymovies site.

You will get a huge collection of Tamil dubbed movies it can be Bollywood or Hollywood all are available for free download in various HD qualities.

Huge Money Made by Kuttymovies Collection:

If any movie available for free download then why anyone wants to go for paid platforms. This is the main Success mantra of these websites. Kuttymovies has a large collection of Movies in every category whereas not any other OTT Platforms has that much collection of movies in one place.

Users visit only one site and get a free collection of movies and easily download on a mobile phone. So, Million of users continuously visit these sites and see the collection of perfect categorised movies and easily download favourite movie.

A large number of a user is a sweet dish for this website. These websites provide free movies collection but they also serve ads on their site and this is the main sweet dish for website owners. By serving the ads they make a huge amount of money just for free download.

Most users clicked these ads and the website owner gets paid. Approximately these sites earn 1000 dollars easily on weekly basis.


We do not promote any illegal content on our website. we just share the information related to kuttymovies collection 2021 that is available for download. Hope you also not visit these kind of sites, if you visit you infringed copyright law and you get punished.