Best Online Money Earning Websites for Extra money

Hello Friends, as you know in today’s world the number of Jobs in our country decreasing day by day. Unemployment is at the top position and everyone seeks some kind of jobs it can be a small one or medium one that can manage his everyday expenditure.

If you want some extra income for your household or some extra pocket money then you have a great chance to do that. You need to read this post carefully and get full-fledged information on what you can do for extra earning with the help of popular Online earning websites. You can Make up to 1000 dollars per month from these websites.

We share 5 top-class websites that are 100% genuine and you can’t get any fraud-related issue.

Let us discuss some online earning websites that make you richer as compared to today’s time.

Best Online Earning Websites:

1.Amazon MTurk:

Friends all are you know that Amazon is one of the best companies in the world. Most of the persons only know that Amazon only works in the field of the Online shopping Industry but this is not true. Amazon has many kinds of other businesses in some business MTurk is an online money-making platform for all. Anyone can join this Platform and makes some amount of money.

In your mind, one question that is continuously running is what kind of Jobs or Work is provided by the MTurk Platform?

The answer is Transcription and Surveys. Most of you don’t know about Transcription, In simple words, Transcription means you have to convert English audio file into a simple document. Price for every 1 min. transcription is about 0.50 Dollars. It depends on you how much transcription you do.

Another thing is Survey, this is simple you have to get a survey on the MTurk Platform and you have to complete these surveys and get paid as low as 0.25 dollar per survey.

If you want to know some other queries you have to visit Youtube and search Related to MTurk and get an idea of how you can make money from it.


If you want to do simple surveys completion type Online work then this is the most high-rated site for this kind of Work. We also do some work when we are started our online earning journey but after some time we change our platform because with this site you only make a limited amount of money.

If you want to work on this site then you have to register for free and get new type surveys on your login Dashboard. If you want to know more about this site then you have to watch Youtube videos and get the full information about Swagbuck absolutely free.

3.Make Online Money on Fiverr:

Fiverr is the topmost freelancing site on the internet and this is a very trustable site. This site provides you platform for freelancing work. If you don’t know about Freelancing work then you are far behind in the digital world.

Let we explain you what is freelancing work?

Freelancing is a type of work where you can work as an independent company rather than employed by any company. Freelancer is self-employed and makes money by doing work on these type of websites.

To work on these sites you have a specific skill to the specific digital industry. Some highest paying skills are as : Photo editing, Video editing, Article writing, Online Marketing, Logo making, Website designing, Instagram page handling and much more.

What you have to do to work here? Nothing hard just simple master one skill and make your profile on Fiverr and make your Gig.

Let take example: If you are master in Video editing then you just make a profile and there make a gig related to your work such as:

3 Min Video editing : 15 dollar

5 min video editing : 20 dollar

10 min video editing : 30 dollar

When anyone gives you work you can charge as a type of work. We can’t explain you very deep in Post format but you have an option of Youtube Where you can get an idea and get full detailed information on how you can work here and make 1000 Dollars in just one month.

We also do freelancing work and makes at least 500 dollars per month it can go up to 2000 dollar per month. Freelancing is the best platform where you can make a large amount of money by just doing work based on your skills. If you have any digital work type of skill then you must be the one who can change dreams into reality.

4.Make Online Money on YouTube:

At this time Internet cost in India is too low as compared to other nations. Due to this Youtube Is Booming with the speed of Bullet.

Youtube provides you many online money-making opportunities but you have to work efficiently and regularly.

On youtube, you can start the channel related to your interest such as Travelling, gaming, Tech guide, Study guide, Vlog, Car reviews, Mobile reviews, comedy, motivation, or any kind of channels but one thing keeps in mind you have to work hard as your views or subscriber increases day by day then your Online income dreams comes closer and at last you makes money from youtube by joining YouTube Partner program.

For a Full guide, you just search on youtube how to make money online from youtube and you get many ideas.

5. Make money on Fotolia And Shutterstock By selling Photos:

These two websites are best shooted for one who loves to take amazing stunning looking photos. If you are one who takes amazing photographs then the best opportunity for you is provided by these two sites that you can sell your photos online on these sites.

Most of the companies are visit these sites and took amazing pictures for their online advertising or for advertising boards by paying the price of that photo.

As you know Companies can’t use copyrighted images on their platforms so, they visit these platforms and get an image with the copyright documents provided by these sites.

Here you can set up a price for your photo as low as 1 dollar and as high as depending on you.

If you want to know more then you have one best option that is youtube. Just go there and search for all these websites and get the knowledge which one is suited for you.

Don’t take too much time just go their and register after some time you will be one of those persons who make money online.

Our work is sharing the best with our users and your work is to implement it and makes yourself a self depending person.

Thanks for visiting here.