Download Bill Gates How to avoid a climate disaster pdf/Audiobook

Download How to avoid a climate disaster Pdf/Audiobook for free. Bill Gates the author of this book presents the harsh reality of changing climates due to global warming and gives some ideas on how you can avoid this climate change disaster.

Bill Gates and his firms spent a lot of time investigating how climate change affects our environment and what the are main causes that leading this problem at a rapid pace.

The author took help from various researchers from different fields such as Chemistry, biology, physics, engineering and political science to generate ideas on how we should stop this climatic disaster or its effects.

Short summary of the book:

In this book Bill Gates finding the answer to the question that confronts him How do we Avoid Climate disasters? Gate explains that he runs a project named as sprang from his charitable foundation that specifically works in developing nations.

Gates acknowledged that climate change has uncertainty and scientists have to learn about how and why the climate changes. As we all are now that day by day temperature of the earth increases and there is no solution to control this, a lot of industrialisation, human activities that are totally against nature such as deforestation, Greenhouse, the boom in industries that eject a lot of harmful gases and chemical in the environment.

The analytical tool suggests by Gates is Green Premium. You can read this in the book what is the mean of Green Premium and how it can help as a tool to presents the analytical data in front of us.

Description of the book:

Book NameHow to avoid Climate Change
AuthorBill Gates and
Published Date 16 Feb 2021
Language English
GenreNon-Fiction, Science, Self-help

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Book Review:

This book gets 4.3/5 ratings on various online sites and many readers appreciate the efforts by the Gate towards the research on climate change. If you are the one who wants the solution to this calamity then you should read this book you get the knowledge of how climate change occurs, what are main reasons behind this and how we confront this situation with the use of new technologies.