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Short Summary of this book:

As we mentioned above that the book will impress you with its storytelling, you definitely fall in the story of this book. Full of Adult drama, Romance will take to the path of real-life romance. and you just start thinking as this happened to you and you start the story as you are the main character of the book. Just for feeling..

Some lines from this book….

All I wanted was a date for my stupid asshole brother’s wedding.

Not a Girlfriend. Not a relationship. A Date.

No strings. No Ties. No games. No Sex.

So when I called Elena at the escort service, I was clear.

” I want some beautiful. Who can function at high society events,” I said.

“She needs to be able to use her silverware properly and to be discreet. I can’t have someone who gets drunk and falls down in public. Also, no one who looks cheap. I don’t want a lot of makeup and big, fake boobs.”

I don’t have any cheap-looking girls, Mr Preston,” Elena said. “Unless the client is into that. The I have Plenty.” She laughed.

After reading these lines you will notice that the book has an amazing storyline has some adult lines that make youth so romantic. So, they have to be read this book if you wanna full romantic gossips that feels sexy.

Escorting the billionaire Description:

Book NameEscorting the billionaire
AuthorLeigh James
Published date8 May 2015
Language English

Quotes from Escorting the billionaire:

“It was first love. Nothing else is quite like that,” I said. “Do you know what I mean?”

Leigh James,

“In what screwed-up universe does this ruin everything?” “In yours,” she said. “Your screwed-up universe. No wait—mine.”

Leigh James ,

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As per, this book gets 3.9/5 stars. Some readers like some readers don’t like but the majority of adult reader’s like this book and gave 4.5 stars just like us. We enjoyed this book and also recommends it to adult users if you are interested in romantic adult fiction.

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