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Download Lady Sunshine Book ebook pdf and audiobook for free. This is amazing and mesmerizingly impressive. In this book, you will experience the story of time travel between 79’s to 99’s.

In this book, you will find yourself in the amazing world of Sandcastle, with in-depth descriptions, vivid, well-captured images, realistic dialogue, vivid and dynamic characters, and enchanting California beaches. You can swallow the season, cancel the entire program that you selected for time spend, you definitely lose your focus on your program and gaining focus on your reading.

Lady Sunshine Short Summary:

In her third novel, Amy Mason Dawn Music provides a refreshing tale of family secrets and perseverance, and each summer the famous and popular musician Graham Kingston is found in his expansive home in Sandoz, California. artists and friends. Graham’s granddaughter, 17-year-old Jackie Pierce, first took part in the dance in 1979, sparking creativity and inspiration across the country. 

 However, Jackie has nowhere to go as her father and stepmother are going to Europe for their honeymoon this summer. Jackie doesn’t want to be in this free spirit until he meets Willa, Graham’s daughter.

Despite all the contradictions, the two girls hit him almost immediately. They can’t improve their teen’s life until they form deep friendships and disaster changes everything. 

Twenty years later, Jackie reluctantly returns to Sandcastle as before. I have to wrap up discarded items and put them up for sale, but I only remember the summer of 1979. It’s not easy to organize my memories, so I want to finish the mission as soon as possible. However, Shane’s big fan, Graham Kingston, arrives and wants to get Jackie back to his central recording studio.

She agreed and decided to stay in a place that would hurt her until she was happy. Lady Sunshine jumps between 1979 and 1999 and expands with an amazing combination of text and warped design.

Description of the book:

Book NameLady Sunshine
AuthorAmy Mason Doan
Published Date29 June 2021
GenreHistorical Fiction, Adult Fiction

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Lady Sunshine Review:

I really enjoyed the story. As you listen to the audiobook, the writing is incredibly smooth and the narration is complete. 

For me, the character comes back to life and the story takes place in two stages. In 1979, Jackie Pierce was sent to spend the summer with his uncle Graham (also a popular folk singer) and his family.

They live like new hippies to Jackie. They share many new experiences when she has an intimate relationship with her cousin Villa. The second timeline is 20 years after Jackie took over the famous collection.

Come back, pack up and make a sales plan. As he relives the summer of 1979, he discovers that he spends most of his time with other groups of people. He thinks he might prefer the book’s music source. If you like funny stories (like summer), then this definitely gets a 4-star rating from my point of view.