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My Miracle Luna’s Short Summary:

Story of a girl who is 10 years old, her whole pack was killed by Alpha and he forced him to slavery for him. The story of the book starts when the girl named Rylee on the day before her 18th birthday she makes the plan to escape from his pack and live free. The day before her birthday she finally gets a wolf and with the help of the wolf she makes the plan for escaping alpha slavery and after that how she manages to break free and take control of what she wants to be.

The author displays the story just like as it really happens in the real world and you are one of the parts that totally emerges in it and join the character to feel their feelings. Its epic, powerful, fictional, characters are amazing that not just play their role to present the story in front of you but also leave their marks on your mind. Each character has distinct specifications that present laughter, secrets, friendship and love that are the heart of this storyline

Description of the book:

Book NameThe Miracle Luna
Published Year2020
Genre Fiction

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My miracle luna Review:

Most readers suggest this book if you are keen to read interesting stories Novels. This book has 4/5 Stars on Goodreads and Amazon So you choose this book to read in your free time.

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