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Download Freakonomics book Pdf/Audiobook for free and start reading this book as soon as possible because this book is a combination of everyday life with economics. This book was published in 2005 and the author of this book is Steven D. Levitt who is an American economist mostly known for the winner of the John Bates Clark Medal in 2003.

Short summary of Freakonomics :

When this book will be published most of the readers thinks that this book is focused on economics but their thinking goes wrong when they read this book, they realize that this book is slightly related to economics but more related to showing interesting things that you will discover when you apply some statistical approach with your problems, where you would not think for using it. Many readers do not understand what the author to say you about but as long as you keep going on you will be noticed that the small things that the author wants to present in front of you will be set in your mind.

Many readers enjoy the author’s statistical approach and they also testing with themselves but some readers might not be getting the perfect balance with the book and they reviewed it on a low scale just like 3/5 stars. We read a lot of reviews of this book on and we noticed they felt bored by reading this book. This is a personal thing not everyone gets bored those who understand the concept of the book reviewed it 4.5/5 stars and they really enjoyed it.

Description of Freakonomics:

Book NameFreakonomics
Author NameSteven D. Levitt
Published Date17 Oct 2006
GenreNon-Fiction, Economics, Business
AwardsBest Sense book of the year award for
adult Nonfiction(2006)

Download Freakonomics Pdf/Audiobook:

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