In May 2023 Join Lifeguard & Aquatics Instructor/Specialist Job at ARPD(Alameda Recreation and Park Department).

Alameda is an island city of 78,000 located next to the city of Oakland and offers a full-service municipal recreation program. Neighborhood recreation programs are offered at ten locations throughout the city. Alameda’s Aquatic Program, conducted at Emma Hood and Encinal Swim Centers, is open to children and adults.

Dynamic, ethical, and enthusiastic individuals who share our values are encouraged to apply!

Summer Recreation positions are generally scheduled to work beginning of June through September.

AQUATICS LIFEGUARD ($16.67 – $18.87)
AQUATIC INSTRUCTOR ($17.09 – $19.34)
AQUATIC SPECIALIST ($18.89 – $22.95)

Aquatics Staff help with all aspects of running ARPD’s swim programs and swim centers. During spring, lessons and Adult Lap Swim will be offered on Saturdays only at Encinal Swim Center. During the summer months, swim lessons are taught at Emma Hood on Monday through Thursday. At Encinal, swim lessons are taught Monday through Thursday. Lessons are also offered on Saturdays at Encinal. Public swim hours are offered Monday through Friday at Emma Hood and only Fridays and Saturdays at Encinal. Evening adult swim lessons, as well as lap swim, are conducted at both swim centers.


 To be considered, candidates must submit a completed City of Alameda Job Application form online. Applicants will be screened and evaluated based on the information provided. Federal law requires that, prior to employment, applicants must furnish proof of identity and eligibility for employment in the United States.

Distinguishing Features:

MISSION: The mission of the Alameda Recreation and Park Department is to provide programs to the community with trained staff. A wide variety of social, physical and educational opportunities are offered for personal enrichment through wholesome and creative use of leisure time.

THE ARPD IMAGE: Our reputation is the result of the efforts of a staff committed to excellent customer service and continuous adherence to the mission of our organization. In anticipation of your employment, please consider the personal responsibility needed to promote the values of Alameda Recreation and Park Department. A good job match should be as important to you as it is to us.

Below are some of the standards expected of Recreation and Park Department Staff:

BEHAVIOR: Staff are expected to always be respectful of others and maintain a friendly, courteous and professional attitude.

APPEARANCE: Depending on the assignment, staff must wear either professional business attire or a Department uniform that includes a staff shirt and name badge. Uniforms are provided. Staff must maintain facilities and help keep them neat and clean.

WORK QUALITY: Staff are expected to perform quality work and to plan effectively and efficiently.

FLEXIBILITY: Staff work hours vary due to Department needs (nights, weekends and holidays). Staff may be asked to perform work assignments outside their area of original employment.

How To Apply:

Complete your application process on the official website.