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“Dancing Direction: Novel” is one of the best entertaining novels with a unique and epic storyline. The author of this wonderful novel is Nicola Yun. Nicola is the author of many beautiful novels. His most famous novels are “The Sun is Also a Star”, “All”, “All” and “Annihilation”. The novel is also an intellectual, intense and inspiring epic by an extraordinary writer. The creators of Game A introduce themselves and tell a breathtaking story. These characters are unique and fresh. 

With a beautiful independent collection, captivating characters, brilliant prose, and amazing perspectives on the lives of different people, this novel is a good read. The author’s character development is impressive and the characters are well-drawn and attractive. A novel that is unique in many ways, but the subject matter is certainly universal. Undoubtedly, this novel is a truly original and unforgettable piece of literature. There is no such book. It’s pure magic. There is an Irish proverb that “there is a golden urn at the end of the rainbow”. Think of it as a lucky day. You don’t need a rainbow to find this gem. Just hit the download button.

Instructions for Dancing Short Summary:

Evie Thomas no longer believes in love. Especially when strange things happen on a plain afternoon: you see a couple kissing and sucking each other to see how their romance began. … ..and how does it end? Eventually, even the best love story is heartbreaking, and as she struggles to figure out why, she meets a man named X at the Loverea Dance Studio in Waltz, Massachusetts.

It’s all about learning the tango. Evie is an adventurer, a passion, not an adventurer. His philosophy is to say yes to everything from the girls he met to the dance competitions. If his painful vision teaches him something, no one can be saved from love without being hurt. But as he and Ax dance to each other, he can’t help but ask her what she thinks about life and love. Love is worth taking risks.

Instructions for Dancing Quotes:

“Happiness is tricky. Sometimes you have to fight for it. Sometimes, though—the best times—it sneaks up behind you, wraps an arm around your waist and pulls you close.”

Nicola Yoon

“It doesn’t matter that love ends. It just matters that there’s love.”

Nicola Yoon

“Everyone loves to hate love triangles, but actually they’re great. They exist so the main character can choose between different versions of themselves: who they used to be, and who they’re still becoming. Side note: If you ever find yourself choosing between a vampire and a werewolf, choose the vampire.”

Nicola Yoon

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Description of the book:

Book NameInstruction for Dancing
AuthorNicola Yoon
Published Date3 June 2021
GenreRomantic fiction, Fantasy

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