100 Most important Himachal Pradesh GK questions

Hello friends, we are providing you some questions about Himachal Pradesh GK. All these questions have been asked in various examinations of Himachal.

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Now something different, we will show you 5 pictures in the middle of these questions. If you know about this region, then identify them and write the name of them in comments.

Himachal Pradesh GK questions-

Q 1 Which of the following is the highest peak of Himachal Pradesh?

1. Shipki la      2.Shilla

2. Pishu           4.Jorkaden

Answer: (2)

Q 2 In which district of  himachal Pradesh is cholang peak?

1.kangra      2 chamba

3. kullu          4.mandi

Answer: (1)

Q 3 On which mountain range is the shilla peak located?

1.Zanskar     2.Pir Panjal

3.Dhauladhar   4.Kullu

Answer: (1)

Q4 which zone of himachal Pradesh is also known as alpine zone?

1.Trans Himalayas    2.Lesser Himalayas

3. Shiwalik hills           4.The great Himalayas

Answer: (4)

Q5 Zanskar mountain range separates Himachal Pradesh from

1.Tibet        2 Afghanistan

3.Pakistan   4.China

Answer: (1)

Q6 Spiti and Kinnaur are separated from Tibet by

1.zanskar    2. Churdhar

3.dhauladhar  4.pir panjal

Answer: (1)

Q7 The highest peak shilla of himachal Pradesh is located in the district of

1.chamba   2.hamirpur

3. kinnaur   4.bilaspur

Answer: (3)

Q8 The epithet ‘lady of keylong’ is related to

1.Stream    2. Vegetables

3.Craft     4.Mountain peak

Answer: (4)

Q9 Pin valley is situated at which place ?

1.keylong     2. Kinnaur

3.lahaul and spiti  4.Shillai

Answer: (3)

Q10 the Area of himachal Pradesh (in sq km) is

1. 60543 sq km     2. 54333 sq km

3. 55673 sq km     4. 65673 sq km

Answer: (3)

Q11 which mountain range separates sirmaur from Shimla ?

1. Pir panjal      2. Choor chandni

3.Dhauladhar        4 none of the above

Answer: (2)

Q12 rohru was the focus of which movement ?

1.1857 revolt               2. Doom movement

3. Suket movement    4.Jugga movement

Answer :(2)

Q13 Who led the suket satayagraha ?

1. pandit padam dev   2. Karm chand Thakur

3. Hari das                    4. None of the above

Answer : (1)

Q14 In which year land movement took place in sirmaur ?

1.1850 AD     2. 1870 AD

3. 1878 AD    4.1890 AD

Answer : (3)

Q15 Which of the following fort is known as Nalapani ?

1. Nalagarh fort    2. Kalanga fort

3. Nurpur fort     4. Taragarh fort

Answer: (2)

 Q16 Which is the only mineral in the state which is found in abundance?

1.gypsum    2.lignite

3. limestone  4.barytes

Answer: (3)

Q17 In which of the following districts rock salt is mostly found?

1.Mandi      2. Kullu

3.kangra      4. Sirmaur

Answer: (1)

Q18 which region of Himachal Pradesh was known as Trigarta in ancient times?

1.bushahr     2.kangra

3.chamba    4.sirmaur

Answer: (2)

Q19 The first mention of ‘trigarta’ is found in

1.Rig veda      2. Mahabharata

3.Writings of Panini    4.Purana

Answer: (3)

Q20 Which region of ancient Himachal Pradesh was visited by Chinese traveller Hiuen Tsang?

1.Hamirpur        2. Nahan

3.Nagarkot          4.Kuluta

Answer: (4)

Himachal Pradesh GK :

If you read the first one paragraph, then check out this picture and recognise it::

Himachal GK
Himachal GK

Q21 Kangra fort was built by the Rajput rulers of

1. Sunga dynasty     2. Maurya dynasty

3.Katoch dynasty     4.none of the above

Answer: (3)

Q22 Which dynasty came to power in Himalayan region after the fall of the Mauryan?

1.shung        2. Kushana

3. gupta        4. Saka

Answer: (1)

Q23 Who invaded Kangra (Nagarkot) in 1009AD and plundered temples.

1. Mohammad Ghori    2. Mahmud Begh

3. Mahmud Ghaznavi     4. Mohammad Alam

Answer: (3)

Q24 In which year Sher shah suri captured the kangra fort?

1.1520 AD     2. 1540 AD

3. 1530 AD     4. 1510 AD

Answer: (2)

Q25 Which was the original capital of Bilaspur state?

1.Jawalamukhi    2. Bushahr

3.Naina Devi        4. Nagger

Answer: (3)

Q26 Which type of soil is found in the high hill soil zone?

1.Sandy loam       2. Sandy clayey loam

3.Silty loam         4. Silty clayey loam

Answer: (3)

Q27 In which among the following districts Rupin valley is situated?

1.Mandi     2. Kinnaur

  3. Chamba     4. Kullu

       Answer: (2)

Q28 Pattan valley is located in which district of himachal Pradesh?

   1.Sirmaur       2. Kullu

  3. Lahaul and Spiti   4. Kinnaur

       Answer: (3)

       Q29 Which valley is known as the “veer Bhoomi” of Himachal Pradesh?

        1. kullu valley         2 kangra valley

         3. ravi valley           4. Balh valley

       Answer: (2)

Q30 Where is Bandar Ghati (Monkey valley)?

1.Chamba        2. Kangra

3.kullu               4. Sirmaur

Answer: (1)


Q31 Gyas  peak is located in

1.Pin valley     2. Pangi valley

3. lahaul valley   4. Solang valley

Answer: (2)

Q32 Spiti literally means

1.Land of Jewels  2.Hanging garden

3. Pearl of the state    4.Vir Bhoomi

Answer: (1)

Q33 Which pass joins Kinnaur to Garhwal?

1.Indrahar       2.Rohtang

3. Kangla           4. Rupin

Answer: (4)

Q34 Which mountain pass connects Spiti to Ladakh ?

1. Kangla      2. Jalsu

3. Kunzum     4.Debsa

Answer: (1)

Q35 Shipki La pass (4500m) is in the district of

1.solan       2.chamba

3.kullu        4.kinnaur

Answer: (4)

Q36 Which mountain pass joins Kullu and Mandi districts of Himachal Pradesh?

1. Jalori          2.pin parbati

3.Dulchi          4.rohtang

Answer: (3)

Q37 In which valley Kunzum pass is situated ?

1. Spiti valley        2. Chamba valley

3. pin parvati valley   4. Rupin pass

Answer: (1)

Q38 Deo Tibba hill is situated in district

1.chamba      2. Kangra

3.kullu              4.Lahaul and spiti

Answer: (3)

Q39 which of following peaks is not located in lahaul and spiti district ?

1.Sangri la      2. Mulkila

3. Jorkaden     4. Lady of keylong

Answer: (3)

Q40 Which one among these districts does not fall in the alpine zone?

1. Shimla        2. Chamba

3.kinnaur        4. Lahaul and spiti

Answer: (1)



Q41 Which of the following ranges acts as a water divide between river Chenab,  Beas and Ravi?

1.Shiwalik range      2.Dhauladhar range

3. Pir panjal range    4. Zanskar range

Answer: (3)

Q42 The hills of Una and Hamirpur districts are called

1.pir panjal range       2.Shiwalik hills

3.Dhauladhar range     4.none of the above

Answer: (2)

Q43 Gumma  and Darang famous for mines are associated with

1.rock salt       2. Slate

3.barytes         4.mica

Q44 In which of the following districts coal deposits are maximum?

1.kangra          2. Mandi

3. solan             4. All of these

Answer: (4)

Q45 At which place in Himachal Pradesh , a slate tiles manufacturing factory is set up?

1.solan          2. Hamirpur

3.mandi         4.una

Answer: (3)


Q46 Which one of the following tributaries of indus doesnot flow in himachal Pradesh?

1.ravi          2. Beas

3.chenab    4. Jhelum

Answer: (4)

Q47 How many perennial rivers flow through Himachal Pradesh?

1. 4            2. 3

3. 5            4. 6

Answer: (3)

Q48 Sutlej river enters Himachal Pradesh (from Tibet) at

1. Nathula             2. Shipki la

3.Hathi dhar          4. Hangrang valley

Answer: (2)

Q49 which one is a tributary of spiti river?

1.Tegpo        2. Patsari

3.Spin            4. Phojal

Answer: (1)

Q50 Soan river is a tributary of

1.Beas          2. Chenab

3. ravi            4. Sutlej

Answer: (4)

Q51 ‘Vipasha’ is the Sanskrit name of which river?

1.Ravi          2.Beas

3. Chenab    4.Sutlej

Answer: (2)

Q52 Uhl is a tributary of

1.Ravi river     2.Yamuna river

3.beas river     4.sutlej river

Answer: (3)

Q53 The biggest river of Himachal Pradesh In terms of volume of water is:

1.Ravi        2. Chenab

3.Beas         4. Sutlej

Answer: (2)

Q54 Chenab river enters Pangi valley at:

1.Bhujind         2.Rampur

3. Chaupal        4. Rohru

Answer: (1)

Q55 During Vedic period which river was known as Purushini?

1. Beas        2. Chenab

3. Ravi          4. Sutlej

Answer: (3)

Q56 What does the local Himachali term ‘Shigri’ mean?

1. River           2. Glacier

3. Temple        4.People

Answer: (2)

Q57 Which is the largest glacier in Himachal Pradesh?

1.Bara Shigri         2. Bhadal

3. Bhaga                 4. Chandra

Answer: (1)

Q58 Macchial lake is dedicated to which of the following Gods?

1.Shiva          2. Vishnu

3. Mahesh     4.None of these

Answer: (2)

Q59 Which is the largest natural lake in Himachal Pradesh?

1. Surajtal        2.Chamera

3. Renuka         4. Lama

Answer: (3)

Q60 Dal lake is located at

1.Dharamshala      2.Mandi

3. Chamba              4.Knnaur

Answer: (1)

Q61 Which lake in district Lahaul and Spiti is known as the “Lake of the Moon “?

1.Lama lake         2. Dashir lake

3. Chandertal  lake   4.Dal lake

Answer: (3)

Q62 In which district of Himachal Pradesh is Chamera lake?

1.Chamba      2. Lahaul and spiti

3. Solan           4. Sirmaur

Answer: (1)

Q63 Rahla is the name of

1. Tribe        2. River

3. Waterfall  4.Crop

Answer: (3)

Q64 What is the approximate height of Chadertal lake situated in Lahaul and Spiti?

1.3000m        2.4000m

3.5270m         4.4300m

Answer: (4)

Q65 Mukkila glacier is located in

1. Bhaga valley    2.Sirmaur

3. Spiti valley       4.Larji

Answer: (1)

HP GK Questions related to Forests:

Q66 As per India State of Forest Report 2017, what percentage of forest cover does the constitutes of its geographical area?

1.27.12%         2.29.35%

3.22.23%         4.30.35%

Answer: (1)

Q67 As per India State of Forest Report 2017,the total forest area of Himachal Pradesh is

1.14900 sq km         2.40000 sq km

3.37033 sq km          4.28000 sq km

Answer: (3)

Q68 As per India State of Forest Report 2017, which among the following districts of HP has the maximum area under forest cover?

1.Chamba     2.Kullu

3.Shimla          4. Kangra

Answer: (1)

Q69 Thorny forests are found in which of the following districts?

1.Sirmaur        2.Nalagarh

3. Kullu             4.Both 1 and 2

Answer: (4)

Q70 Which major type of vegetation is found in tropical dry deciduous forests?

1.Thorny bushes        2. Sal and Shisham

3. Chir and Pine          4. None of the above

Answer: (2)

Q71 National Forest Policy was formulated in the year

1.1990       2.1980

3.1988       4.1978

Answer: (3)

Q72 Which of the following trees has the largest forest cover in the state?

1.Deodar       2.Sal

3. Chir             4. Pine

Answer: (3)

Q73 The Plantation Campaigns of 2018 in Himachal Pradesh focus on which of the following?

1. To plant medicinal plants     2. To plants broad leaves trees

3. to plant shrubs                         4.none of the above

Answer: (2)

Himachal Pradesh GK Questions related to National parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries:

Q74 The Great Himalayan national park was inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage natural site on

1.23rd june 2013          2.20th may 2014

3.23rd june 2014           4.23rd may 2014

Answer: (3)

Q75 Which of the following wildlife sanctuaries has its connectivity with the Great Himalayan National park?

1.Tundah                   2.Tirthan

3.Talra                         4.Simbalbara

Answer: (2)

Q76 Pin valley national park is situated in which district of Himachal Pradesh?

1. Lahaul and Spiti                  2. Kinnaur

3.Mandi                                    4. Solan

Answer: (1)

Another picture challenge is here:

Himachal pradesh GK

Q77 which of the following is the largest wildlife sanctuary of himachal Pradesh?

1.Manali                             2.Kibber

3.Bandli                              4. Kugti

Answer: (2)

Q78 Which of the following wildlife sanctuaries is also known as Raksham Chitkul?

1.Sangla                          2.Pong adm

3.Kalatop Khajjiar          4.Dhauladhar

Answer: (1)

Q79 Asiatic lions are found In Himachal Pradesh?

1.Great Himalayan National Park     2.Gamgul Wildlife Sanctuary

3.Tundah  Wildlife Sanctuary      4.Renuka wildlife sanctuary

Answer: (4)

Q80 Tarla Wildlife Sanctuary is located in which district of Himachal Pradesh?

1. Kullu                  2.Shimla

3.Solan                  4.Kinnaur

Answer: (2)

Q81 Shilli Conservation Reserve is located in which district?

1.Sirmaur                         2.Solan

3.Kinnaur                          4.Kullu

Answer: (2)

Q82 The Himalayan Snow Leopard Research Centre will be set up in which district?

1. Lahaul and spiti       2.Solan

3. Kinnaur                     4.Kullu

Answer: (1)


Q83 Himachal Pradesh is divided into how many agro-climatic zones?

1.3                    2.6

3.4                     4.5

Answer: (3)

Q84 Which among the following districts has covered maximum foodgrain area in the state?

1.Kangra               2.Mandi

3. Una                    4.Shimla

Answer: (1)

Q85 Central potato research centre is located in

1. Mandi                  2. Shimla

3. Solan                    4.dehradun

Answer: (2)

Q86 which district occupies top position in the production of ginger?

1. Shimla       2.Kullu

3.Bilaspur      4.Mandi

Answer: (3)

Q87 which among the following is an objective of Himachal Organic Mission 2020?

1.More production of food crops    2. Production of kiwi fruit

3. develop waste lands for grazing   4.produce more seeds of Potatoes

Answer: (3)

Q88 Himachal Pradesh is termed as the Horticultural State of India due to the production of

1.Appricot    2.Citrus fruits

3.Apple          4.Mango

Answer: (3)

Q89 Where is fruit demonstration farm in una district of Himachal Pradesh?

1. Saloh              2.Ghanari

3. Haroli             4. Amb

Answer: (1)

Q90 which is the biggest irrigation project in Himachal Pradesh?

1.Balh valley Project                 2.Bhabour sahib project

3.Shahnehar project                  4.Siddhartha project

Answer: (3)

Another challenge is here::

himachal gk questions
Himachal gk questions

Himachal Pradesh GK Questions related to Animal Husbandry:

Q91 Where is the sheep breeding farm in Shimla?

1. Jeori                 2. Bamta

3. Chharabra            4. Jubbal

Answer: (1)

Q92 Angora rabbit breeding farms are established in

1. Shimla and hamirpur               2. Kangra and Bilaspur

3. Kangra and Mandi                    4. Shimla and Kullu

Answer: (3)

Q93 In which place of Kangra district,the Angora rabbit breeding farm is located?

1. Kandwari               2. Hamirpur guler

3. Shamirpur              4. Palampur

Answer: (1)

Q94 Which bank is collaborating in the implementation of Doodh Ganga Scheme in Himachal Pradesh?

1. SBI                         2. PNB

3. NABARD                4. UCO Bank

Answer: (3)

Q95 Which valley of Himachal Pradesh is known as ‘the valley of Honey and Milk’?

1. Spiti valley       2. Kullu valley

3. Beas valley       4. Chamba valley

Answer: (4)

Q96 Mahseer and Mirror carps found in Himachal Pradesh are a famous variety of

1. Craps                 2. Fish

3. Yak                     4. Horse

Answer: (2)

Q97 Which among the following is not a variety of fish culture in Himachal Pradesh?

1. Schizothorax                  2. Golden Masheer

3. Mirror carp                     4. Murrah

Answer: (4)

Q98 At which reservoir the per hectare production of fish is highest in India?

1. Ganga reservoir      2. Shahnehar Sagar

3. Govind sagar           4. Kullu sagar

Answer: (3)

Q99 BPL Krishak Bakri Palan Yojana is implemented in which among the following years in H.P?

1.2014-15                  2. 2017-18

3. 2016-17                  4. 2015-16

Answer: (2)

Q100 Where is horse breeding farm in H.P?


2. Joginder Nagar

3. Jispa                  

4. Kibber

Answer: (1)

Himachal GK Questions related to Hydel And Other Energy Sources:

Q101 Which of following rivers of HP has the highest potential for generating hydel power?

1. Chenab        

2. Beas


4. Ravi

Answer: (3)

Q102 The oldest hydel project in Himachal Pradesh is

1. Shanan          

2. Holi

3. Chaba            

4. Nogli

Answer: (1)

Q103 Binwa Hydel Project is located in which district of Himachal Pradesh?

1. Kullu                 

2. Kangra

3. Shimla              

4. Kinnaur

Answer: (2)

Q104 Larji Hydroelectric Project (126 MW) is located in

1. Shimla           

2. Kullu

3. Mandi            

4. Kangra

Answer: (2)

Q105 Which of the following hydropower projects is related with Beas river?

1. Larji                    

2. Neugal

3. Baner                  

4. All of these

Answer: (4)

Q106 When did the construction of Bhakhra Dam start?

1. 1951          

2. 1949

2. 1948           

4. 1950

Answer: (2)

Q107 Koldam Hydro Project has the capacity to produce ……….. MW.

1. 400                                

2. 600

3. 800                                  

4. 700

Answer: (3)

Q108 Chamera hydroelectric project is situated in district……… of Himachal Pradesh.

1. Kullu              

2. Solan

3. Kangra           

4. Chamba

Answer: (4)

Q109 Himachal Pradesh State Electric Board was constituted in

1. 1971         

2. 1981

3. 1979          

4. 1980

Answer: (1)

Q110 Allain-Duhangan Hydroelectric Power Project is located at

1. Kangra            

2. Kullu

3. Kinnaur           

4. Shimla

Answer: (2)



HP GK Related to Administrative set up:

Q111 During which year first assembly election were held in Himachal Pradesh?

1. 1956             

2. 1951

3. 1952             

4. 1963

Answer: (3)

Q112 When did Himachal Pradesh become Union Territory under Lt Governor?

1. 1st November 1956               

2. 25th January 1956

3. 3rd December 1956               

4. 15th August 1956

Answer: (1)

Q113 Who was the first Speaker of Legislative Assembly of Himachal Pradesh?

1. Shri Karam Singh                 

2. Shri Jaiwant Ram Singh

3. Shri Des Raj Mahajan          

4. Shri Sarwan Kumar

Answer: (2)

Q114 The first women Governor of Himachal Pradesh was

1. Smt Sheila Kaul                   

2. Smt Urmila Singh

3. Smt Prabha Rau                   

4. Smt Pratibha Devi

Answer: (1)

Q115 Who was the first Governor of H.P?

1. Amminuddin Ahmad Khan                

2.  Shri S Chakravarti

3. Shri Aloknath Bannerjee                     

4. Shri Hokishe Sema

 Answer: (2)

Q116 How many times the President’s rule was imposed in H.P?

1. Thrice                            

2. Twice

3. Once                               

4. None

Answer: (2)

Q117 Who was the first Chief Justice of Himachal Pradesh High Court?

1. Justice DB Lal                   

2. Justice CR Thakur

3. Justice MH Beg                 

4. Justice RS Pathak

Answer: (3)

Q118. When was Himachal Pradesh High Court established ?

1.25th January 1971              

2. 29th January 1973

3. 27th July 1970                     

4. 29th March 1972

Answer: (1)

Q119 Who was the first Lokayukta of Himachal Pradesh?

1. Justice TVR Tatachari                

2. Justice RB Mishra

3. Justice Om Prakash                    

4. Justice Lokeshwar Singh

Answer: (1)

Q120 How many Zila Parishads are existed in the of H.P ?

1. 10 

2. 11

3. 12             

4. 14

Answer: (3)


One bonus guide for our readers:

if you want to study Himachal Pradesh GK deeply we recommend the book: The Wonderland Himachal Pradesh by Jag Mohan Balokhra.

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