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Download Never Split the difference pdf/e-book/audiobook for free. This book is perfect for the one who wanna tackle the problematic situation with negotiations. Perfect book if you want to become a good negotiater.

Chriss Voss author of this book was a former FBI agent who specially deal in international hostage negotiator. He has lot of experience to deal with the criminal, bank robbers, terrorists face to face and negotiate with them with his negotiating capabilities.

This book will take you in the world of Chriss Voss experience, his negotiating capabilities, revealing skills that is in his mind in front of you so, you can also apply this in every day life where you can negotiate with someone such as at the time of buying car, insurance, home and many other area where you will find a bit of negotiation helps you alot.

Short Summary of the book:

In the book Heart Vs Mind which one is good at the time of negotiating descibes as :

In the early 1980’s Cambridge, Massachusetts, was the hot spot in the negotiating world, as scholars from different displines began interacting and exploring exciting new concepts. As you have seen, when business school like Harvard.s began teaching negotiation in the 1980’s the process was presented as a straightforward economic analysis. It was a period when the world’s top academic economists declared that we were all “rational actors”.And so it went innegotiating classes assuming the other side was acting rationally and selfishly in trying to maximize its position, the goal was to figure out how to respond in various scenarios to maximize one’s own value.

with these lines you will noticed that author describes various studies in negotiating and how various top universities approaches negotiating in different way in different times. You will find various author personal experience and personal skills that far from the studies of these universities.

You must read this book we share some lines in above paragraph but these are just lines, you get the full idea when you read this book thoroughly and become a expert in negotiations.

Description of the book:

Book NameNever Split the difference
AuhtorChriss Voss, Tahl Raz
Language English
Published date17 May 2016
GenreSelf help, non fiction

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