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Download the fountainhead pdf ebook for free. . This book is amazing and forces you to falls into the ocean of different and amazing characters.

When you start reading this book you will continue changing one page to another but you can’t stop without reading each and every page of the book.

The Fountainhead short Summary :

This is a practical and powerful book that will accompany you until you finish reading it. You will enjoy writing the story in this book and you will find that the story is written in a way you never wrote and will connect you. The writers of these novels know how to communicate with their readers and their hearts.

 The writer exposes the story to the real world, and you are a part of that world, connecting with the character and feeling his emotions. They are magnificent, powerful and wonderful characters that not only determine how the story is told, but are also breathtakingly fantastic. 

Each character has different traits that represent laughter, mystery, friendship, and love at the heart of this story. The story begins when the main character, Howard Locke, moves to New York and starts working with the famous architect Cameron. Meanwhile, Roke’s classmate and roommate, Peter Keating, started working for the famous Franken & Higher company in New York City. 

Keating hires Locke but is soon fired. After a while, work began at the Francon granite quarry. There he met Dominique, daughter of Frankens, a columnist for the New York Banner. Then Roke returns to New York for some projects. Roke learns about the project and brings it to life to avoid a riot. He was arrested, but Vinand did his best to protect his friends, but unfortunately, it failed and he was sentenced to Rover. 

In a way, Ruak proves his innocence and is free. Wayand asks Roke to build a skyscraper. A year and a half later, the building is still under construction, and Dominique is married to Rover.

Description of the book:

Book NameThe Fountainhead
AuthorAyn Rand
Published 1943
FormatsAudiobook, ebook,
paperback, Hardcover

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The Fountainhead Review:

The lessons this book have taught me and the life this book have shown me are precious. Here are the different emotions I can get rid of. 

These books will help you understand those beliefs, the rules of society, and the suffering of those who represent the so-called modern world culture. ..

 Whenever I see people fighting for the world just for their beliefs and values, I always see a little growl in them. The most important thing in his character is the honesty that makes him equal. It gives him and himself the courage to fight everything in this world’s society, and his ancestors always try to do on other secondary users and don’t force them to do what they can’t.

 Loving his job to make him happy is selfish, but society teaches that anything that makes him happy is a sin and never happens. The basic right to happiness and the masses call it selfishness.

We give this book 4.5/5 stars.