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Download The last thing he told me Pdf/Audiobook/e-pub if you wanna read or listen to (Audiobook) emotional mystery, full of suspense, addictive mystery fiction that revolves around the family of Hannah. Author Lara Dave’s best selling Novel The first Husband and Eight Hundred Grapes are also amazing similar to this Novel.

The last thing he told me book pdf/audiobook

The Last thing he told me short summary:

Hannah and Oven are the leading characters of this book. Hannah is married to his love Oven and also became a stepmother of Hailey. The bond between Hannah and Hailey not that great. Her husband is working in a private company and her stepdaughter goes to school.

One day when Hailey’s mobile phone was broken Oven called Hannah to five him $20 and sends a note ”Protect her” written on it. After that day Oven will not come the home. At night when Hannah will pick up Hailey from dance classes, she noticed that the Bag has a lot of weight as compared to other day’s. When she reaches home and opened the bag she noticed that there is a letter fro apology and has a bundle of Money. She did not get it, she amazed and nothing knew what is going out there.

Next day when she saw the news on channels that the company where Oven work sues for fraud charges and investigated by the FBI. After seeing this a lot of questions come to her mind. She decides to find him with the help of her ex-boyfriend who lives in New York,

After this the Love bond between Hannah And Hailey increases, she decides she has to find the answer to why Oven did this with her and his daughter.

The story of this book starts from here. She faces a lot of twists and turns and last she reaches a point where she gets his answer for this you have read this book.

The Last we think review:

In a short line this novel full of domestic mystery suspense about a man who lives a lie with his family. His daughter and wife struggles for finding the truth about who he really is. The story of this novel shows the bond of love between Hannah and Hailey and also building trust in each other. Simply this is a mind-boggling and mysterious novel which you should read once in a while.

Description of The Last we think:

Name The Last we think
AuthorLaura Dave
Published date4 May 2021
Pdf/Audiobook/e -bookfree available on
various sources
GenreSuspense, Mystery

The Last We think Pdf/Audiobook/e-book:

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