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The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazzlewwod Pdf and listen to the audiobook for free. This book has everything I love about romance. Very different, with an interesting plot, a great cast and two main characters that touched my heart.

It is so good! It’s really amazing, from beginning to end. There is nothing in this book that I dislike. A wonderful debut! !!

The Love Hypothesis short summary:

Olive is a PhD up-and-comer who doesn’t have the opportunity or energy to date. Be that as it may, to mollify her closest companion, she needs it to seem she is. The most impossible phoney beau she can consider is who she winds up kissing. The youthful educator with the standing of being a hardass, Adam Carlsen.

The story begins when Olive kisses a stranger because she needs to let her best friend know that she can date Olive’s ex-boyfriend. Oliver doesn’t even like it! But she still didn’t believe her, so Oliver decided to let her know that she had left…that’s why we found out that she kissed a stranger one night at school. But he is not a stranger! This mysterious man is Adam Carlson, grumpy and hates everyone, Adam.

 Wow… she thought she was totally wrong but did not expect Adams to follow her, now everyone thinks they are dating, so yes, they tell everyone they are dating, of course, they are not lmao. But, my goodness, this book, this romance, how did it begin? Everything is perfect. I had a great time reading this book. I really can’t stop reading it from the first page, I need to keep turning the pages, wondering what will happen to Adam and Oliver. We have a romantic hero who is obsessed with his love.

Adam has liked Oliver for many years and never said a word. now ! ! ! They are fake dates, it’s like the world has given him a chance and he is literally happy to be here with her. He is so tired. Others say he doesn’t care about anyone, but her. He only has the softness and sweetness to her. He smiled and wanted to touch her constantly. 

Adam Carlson Sigh in Love* You are unique, buddy. It’s also absolutely grumpy/sunny, she ate a lot of cakes and sugary drinks, and he likes everything that is not sweet, with his black coffee, please. 

They are so opposed to each other, but they work very well together. Literally, everyone tells them “Wow, they are so in love”, and Olive is like? ?? That? ?? Love? ?? But looking at each other is so clear that everyone sees it, so that they are all crazy about each other.

This was genuinely one of the best time counterfeit dating books I’ve perused in some time and I cherished the twist this writer put on it. Olive made me laugh uncontrollably with every last bit of her phoney dating information, the ‘one-bed’ line was one of my top choices of the book.

Description of the book:

Book Name The Love Hypothesis
Author NameAli Hazlewood
GenreRomance, Adult
Pdf/ AudiobookFree
Release Date 14 Sep 2021

The Love Hypothesis short Review:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

This book was all that I love about a sentiment. It was refreshingly unique, with a drawing in plot and a superb supporting cast just as two primary characters that pulled on my heartstrings.

I’m a HUGE fanatic of characters that are unique, and I cherished that Olive and Adam weren’t your generally ordinary couple. They were the two researchers on a basic level, and both were characters that struggled to make new companions. What’s more, I adored that when their companionship developed into more their interfacing became instinctive, tangible. It hit me right where it checked. Additionally, I think I was smiling for the majority of the book.

There were countless stunning scenes between them. Olive prodding, Adam being crotchety, yet in addition completely at her mercy. The to and fro between them was precious. The chitchat. The humour. The companions. This book had everything!!

Also, OMG the intimate moments, which weren’t many, yet the couple of was AMAZING!!!! Totally delightfully done, hot, provocative, and sizzling. I think I found myself perusing with an open mouth, they were this exotic.

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