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Short Summary of the Other Black Girl:

Nella Rogers 26 six-year-old girl works as an editorial assistant at Wagner books. She is the only black employee in the Wagner’s Office. She feels like in isolation and aggressive from the other employees. She feels very bad when her cubicle mate starts talking about skin, hair care regimens and some racist type talks, she feels very uncomfortable and wants to go somewhere there where nothing happened similarly.

She was frustrated with the job, one of their notes on Nella’s desk when she read ‘leave Wagner Now’ she stuns and feels very upset. When she realizes that her cubicle mate Hazel writes these types of notes, it’s hard to believe that.

This book is something dynamic thriller and social commentary that feels manipulated, threatened or overlooked in the workplace. If something similar happens with you, this relates the story of the book with you. You can also find this book interesting and amazing what will be done by you at the time of bullying and how to overcome this fear of bullying by reading or listening to this book.

Description of the book:

Book NameThe Other Black Girl
Author Zakiya Dalila Harris
GenreFiction, Thriller, Mystery,
Pdf ebook/ AudiobookFree
Published Date1 June 2021

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