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Download Under the Whispering Door book Pdf and listen to the audiobook for free. It seems to have everything under the whispering door, with an interesting premise, quirky characters and T.J. Kluen’s iconic humour. But in the end, it was not fully realized in the deep story where it was supposed to happen.

In “Under the Whispering Door”, one of two books published by TJ Klune in the next few months, we learned that it is never too late to live the way we want. Even after you die.

Under the Whispering Door’s short summary:

“Under the Whispering Door” is a contemporary fantasy work. TJ Klune’s iconic “Peculiarity and Charm” (PW) tells a story about a ghost who refuses to cross and the boatman he falls in love with. 

At the funeral, Wallace suspected that he might really be dead. The Reaper didn’t take him directly to the afterlife but took him to a small town. In the suburbs, outside the path through the forest, hidden among the mountains, there is a special tea house run by a man named Hugo.

Hugo is the owner of the local teahouse and the boatman of the soul who needs to travel, but Wallace is not ready to give up the life he barely lived. With the help of Hugo, he finally began to understand all the things he missed in life. 

When the curious and powerful manager arrived at the teahouse and gave Wallace a week, Wallace began to live his life in 7 days. Poignant and heartbreaking, this fascinating story of pain and hope is told about TJ Klune’s unique warmth, humor, and extraordinary compassion.

Description of the book:

Book Name Under the Whispering Door
Author Name  TJ Klune
Release date21 Sep 2021
GenreFantasy, Romance, Fiction
ebook/AudiobookAvailable for Free
Language English

Under the Whispering Door by TJ Klune’s short review:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This book deals with the meaning of life and death. These are definitely interesting topics.

But does this book ultimately add something new and interesting to the discussion? It’s hard to say no to my answer.

 The story is much longer than that. We follow Wallace especially when he learns to be a better person and comes to agree with his own destiny. But there isn’t much to this story. Besides, it’s a cliche story with so many episodes and dialogues that it doesn’t go too deep.

Almost nothing happens from beginning to end of the story. While reading this I was holding DeathView in my hand as if I had read the same thing before. The clones still exist. 

My favourite starting point is that no one is as pessimistic about enterprise drones as the clones. There were a few clips throughout the story that made me laugh, including some very interesting ones. However, usually because of the length of the story, the humour repeats quickly. It’s like joking around and banging your head over and over again, and it gives you a sense of security. 

The love story seems to be different here too. I don’t know exactly what happened. They haven’t had a good relationship for a while. The next moment they fell in love. But I haven’t seen any change from one to the other. My shoes accept the challenge of this love story, and I don’t want to give the impression that I didn’t like it at all because I liked it.

 But it’s been a very long time, full of demands to make the most of my life and to be a better person, and it’s always been hard for me to be curious. What can be useful and fun in the first round goes unnoticed with every additional twist unless it’s particularly deep.

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